Brief: A You! Exhibition app which helps kids learn about the human body through physical activities. 
The Museum of Science+Industry in Chicago has been struggling to teach kids using their "You! The Experience" exhibit due to the pandemic. Through parent interviews we discovered:
 A) The most teachable moments arise from the most mundane every-day tasks. 
B) Children are curious and naturally drawn to physical activities. 
C) Parents are having a harder time maintaining structured routines for their kids post-COVID. 
Our research guided us to create a habit tracking app that would incentivize kids to learn about the importance of their mundane but necessary every day health tasks.
Created as a student at Elephant Academy. 
My Roles: UX/UI Researcher & Designer, Art Director, Prototyper, Copywriter, Strategist
Teammates along entire process: Dalia Elkahlifa & Joy Lu
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